Termites are important decomposers of dead organic waste in tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems, and they play an important role in soil formation. Termites are polymorphic, eusocial insects that live in huge communities of hundreds to millions of individuals and are made up of reproductive forms as well as countless apterous sterile soldiers and workers. There are around 2933 termite species in 282 genera and 9 families that have been described so far in the world. They have spread far, as have certain temperate regions. With 295 species, 52 genera, and 6 families, India has a high level of diversity. Termites have been found in Telangana in 16 species, 7 genera, and 2 families. The study was carried out in five different locations around Telangana state to evaluate the termite species variety. Termites were sampled using a typical 1002 straight belt transect in five distinct locations throughout Telangana state. Eleven species were taken from various portions of the plants, including dead wood, litter, dead tree stumps and leaf litter, logs, and living trees.

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