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Anthropogenic activities have wreaked havoc on the ecosystem in recent years. This is most likely reflected in the current climate change that the globe is experiencing. Globally, published reports show an increase in mean annual temperatures and changes in precipitation patterns. Climate change has a direct impact on agriculture, of which the livestock sector is a subset. The livestock sector contributes to the economies of emerging and poor countries while also serving as a major source of protein nutrition worldwide. It is, nevertheless, sensitive to climatic change and has limited ability to cope with the stress caused by such alterations. Climate change has a direct impact on animal health, affecting productivity and reproductive efficiency. This might result in decreased production of milk, meat, eggs, wool, and other products, creating financial losses in the livestock industry. Erratic rainfall and drought patterns may have an impact on feed crop growth and animal water availability. Inadequate diet and hydration can further weaken them, rendering them susceptible to disease. The situation is exacerbated further by the behaviour of parasites, diseases, and vectors in reaction to climate change. Warmer conditions have been linked to increased proliferation, virulence, and transmission due to direct changes in their life cycles and mating habits. Animals die as a result of detrimental consequences on their health, either directly or as a result of unhealthy conditions. Despite its importance, there is a scarcity of study in this topic, according to the literature. Understanding these consequences through adequate monitoring can aid in the development of long-term livestock management programmes with lower financial losses in the near future.

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