The greatest problem ailing the cosmos and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem is the management of “solid waste.” Waste generation is increasing as a result of anthropogenic activities, which are creating massive environmental damage and global warming. Solid trash, such as food waste, home waste, plastic waste, and temple debris, contains a high concentration of contaminants such as carbon. A large budget is being spent around the world to minimise and manage garbage by using landfill or incinerator processes. One of the biggest problems is temple garbage, which consists of flowers, leaves, coconuts, grains, and fruits, among other things, the majority of which are biodegradable. Because these elements are of a highly organic nature, temple waste can also serve as a medium for the growth of microbes. The florets can be used to make a variety of valuable and useful items, as well as in enterprises that make fragrances, soaps, cosmetics, food, and so on. However, temple garbage is frequently dumped into running water or local bodies of water, resulting in water poisoning and the death of aquatic species. This review describes the hazards (environmental, human health, aquatic) caused by temple waste through various mechanisms, such as contamination of water bodies and the propagation of microbes, pests, rodents, and so on, as well as waste utilisation for conversion into useful products such as manure, incense sticks, biochar, biofuel, pigments, papers, and dyes. All of these goods have broad applications in various industries, reinforcing principles such as “best out of waste” and “from the temple to the temple.” This review sets the way for environmental conservation, pollution reduction, and the resolution of the energy dilemma.

Please see the link :- http://mbimph.com/index.php/UPJOZ/article/view/2587

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